Coming Home / by Louise Brown

For me Paradiso was coming home.

I knew the moment I saw the bare, 1 acre block that it was mine and I belonged to it.  I’d spent most of that summer in a rental cottage,  embroidering, keeping my hands and brain busy, healing from the end a 30 year relationship.

So when I first saw this block I immediately saw a vision of an embroidery patchwork quilt of a garden.

This garden you can see now was created from nothing on the rocky, clay soil of this part of beautiful Central Victoria. It was a challenge. However I have always believed that if you work with love, with care and put your whole self into a project like this you can do anything.  Paradiso is part of me.

All the trees I’ve planted have deep root systems that open up the clay.  The deeper they get the more the earth opens hearts, like minds.  The garden takes up the energy that is so abundant in this part of the world.

True, good intention can create incredible life.

My own growth is reflected in this garden.

I hope everyone who comes to or reads about Paradiso can feel that. And be inspired to open to their own magnificence.