Paradiso del Amore

Intention, energy and love.

Paradiso is a 1 acre homestead and garden located on the edge of the central Victorian town of Guildford, just a short distance from Castlemaine and Daylesford.

Where it’s located is only half the story. The real magic of Paradiso is in the vision that turned a piece of land with nothing on it into the lush, abundant and truly beautiful home and garden it is today. Louise Brown wanted to create something she could share with her children, her friends and her community (which includes anyone who arrives at the gate), the driving energy being love and belief in the power of growing things.

Paradiso del Amore started from nothing and in only three years has developed into a landmark house and garden in the region. The garden is built on compost, about 60 tons of sheep manure Louise dug out in trailer loads from a farm near Mount Franklin, road kill, hay, silage and an enormous amount of work. The homestead was built with the same philosophy as the garden, an expression of love and artistic integrity. It was designed to be warm in winter, catch the cool breezes in summer and simply be extraordinary all year round.

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